Typical Application: Model LM15; Self-Powered Ammeter in series connection with AC Loads supplied by typical 115VAC, 208VAC, 220VAC, or 240VAC service that is protected by a current limiting device such as a fuse or circuit breaker in which the current supplied through the unit is limited to 15 Amperes RMS with crest factors up to 4. Measurement is for 50 to 60 Hertz applications only and will not provide indication of DC currents.
RATINGS: Electrical: Circuit Current not to exceed 15 Amperes RMS continuous, 50-60 Hz AC. Voltage not to exceed 240 VAC service connection to ground. Environment: This unit is intended to be panel installed for Indoor Use, Altitude: 2,000 meters maximum, Ambient Temperature: 40 C maximum Relative Humidity: 93% maximum, Installation Category III, Pollution Degree 2
INSTALLATION: 1) Ensure all voltage sources are removed prior to installation for safety. 2) Unit is intended to be mounted into an enclosure with a flat panel with a cut-out of 0.965" (24.5MM) square with electrical connections placed within the enclosure to ensure electrical safety. 3) Determine proper orientation of unit Face prior to mounting. Unit Face is mounted flush to the flat panel by means of clamping the Face through the panel with a rear applied retaining spring. Mounting panel thickness should not exceed 0.312" (8MM) and be greater than 0.031" (0.8MM). The inside teeth of the retaining spring are angled such that the retaining spring may slip forward in the clamping direction, but prevented to slip back. 4) Always maintain that a minimum spacing of 0.236" (6MM) is provided from the conductors to any other metal or user accessed surface to ensure safe operation. 5) Once unit is tightly mounted to the panel, either quick fastening (Faston) electrical connector is wired to a properly protected AC voltage source and the other connector is then connected to the intended AC Load, either directly or indirectly through another connecting means. Connection is a standard 0.25" (6.35MM) wide spade and should be tightly mated with appropriate female connector. 6) As a safety precaution, always complete any further enclosure wiring and assembly operation, as needed, prior to applying voltage sources.
Cleaning Instruction: To maintain safe and proper operating condition of the unit, ensure no debris, oil, moisture, or other contaminents are on the electrical connections or any exposed surfaces. Do not submerse unit in any liquid nor use any volatiles such as acetone or alcohol to clean the unit. Use a damp rag or cloth to wipe off any dust or residue on the unit that could provide an unsafe conductive path to other conductors or user accessable surfaces or other points of contact. Statement of Misuse: Protection provided by this unit will be impaired if it is used in applications that exceed its ratings or is not installed properly as described herein. Always refer to local safety regulations before installation and use of this unit. The manufacturer and its agents assume no liability for the misuse or misapplication of this unit. Approvals: Unit (UL file number E226175) has been evaluated for UL3111-1 listing and recognition by Underwriter's Laboratories and CAN/CSA 22.2 No. 1010.1 safety approvals. It is permitted UL and C-UL markings denoting product safety listing for the United States and Canada. Units for European sales may bear the CE mark and copies of the Declaration of Conformity (per ISO guidelines) may be requested from Avatar Engineering Corporation. Note: UL3111 superceeds UL1244 as of 2007 and is derived from International safety requirements of IEC1010. Manufacturer: Avatar Engineering Corporation 9494 E. Redfield Rd #2093 Scotsdale, AZ 85260 (480) 208-6377 Online technical support email: mail@avatarengineer.com
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