"B" dimension is blade length to be captured by female connector

         Total depth required for standard housing = 1.640" - 1.702" minimum
         Calculate 1.30" from inside mounting panel surface Plus "H" dimension.
         Female connector, insulation, and safety clearances must also be considered.
         Standard vertical spades may be bent 45 degrees to allow better cable dressing.

         Standard Housing dimensions above fit
         into standard utility 0.97" square cut-out.

Custom Housings for OEM volume orders possible.
Shorter depth and high density electronics can
be accommodated for any data acquisition needs.

Urethane Foam Gasket provides tight seal once compressed between housing face and panel:
Simply remove square gasket, place over housing with adhesive side facing the rear, then mount to panel.
A liquid tight seal is provided once housing is retained by brass locking spring shown above.