FACE Pad Printing or Silkscreening:
Please Note Dimensions
for permitting
proper viewing of LEDs;

  • A = [ 30 deg]
    Angle between LEDs (approximate)

  • B = [ 0.58" ]
    Inner Diameter of LED window

  • C = [ 0.45" ]
    Channel width between bottom LEDs

  • D = [ 0.83" ]
    Outer Diameter of LED window

  • E = [ 1.10" ]
    Max width of face

  • F = [ 1.10" ]
    Max height of face

    These values are for guidance only
    and are not intended to limit any
    desired application of markings.

    Housing material is Polycarbonate
    without mold-release agents to permit
    acceptance of inks.

    Housings shown here are actual samples of the colorful possibilites.

    Only $1 additional per unit and a small setup fee allows us to provide you with a custom display face of your choice or design.

  • Click on Examples to DOWNLOAD Art files
    for either LM15 and VM120 models.
    EPS (Encapsulated Postscript)
    and AI (Adobe Illustrator 9)
    file types are zipped in each download.
    Note: Black is used as "transparent color".